Thursday, 18 August 2011


“What`s our next program?”, Deniz asked.. “What else, but to eat something”, came the joint response from all. “Where”?, she asked. “Just anywhere?”, But Berna, wanted to go to the restaurant just down the main road, where the tram stop was. “Then tell us why do you want to go to that restaurant? Is there anything special there?” they asked. “No, there’s nothing special over there. I am terribly hungry and that one is the nearest one,” she said laughingly.   But Deniz was having a different plan in her mind. “What about walking all the way from here upto the Eminonu, down to the sea”, she said. Everybody started shouting, because they were too hungry. “Do you want us to be dead. Don`t let the poor souls die of hunger”, Berna said. “Ok, Ok, “, Deniz succumbed to the pressure. “But we would walk all through, later on”, she continued.

The group of the girls entered the not too decorative restaurant. It was simple and clean. Two waiters rushed to show them the way to a large table, which would

accommodate all of them. They sat. “What would you like to have,” one of the waiters asked. Dressed in white half sleeved shirt and black pent, he appeared impressive.

The girls started asking as to what dishes were available. The waiter was explaining, but the girls were unable to finalize their choices. The waiter was waiting. Deniz, for no reason, felt a bit ashamed of letting him wait just for nothing. It was unlike of her normal character.

She looked at the waiter.  He was waiting. She asked him if he was new. Yes indeed he was. “What’s your name?” she asked. The waiter got perplexed in such an odd question. She too could not understand why she had asked that question. A couple of seconds passed. Both of them were trying to understand what was going on.

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