Thursday, 18 August 2011


on small stools and started eating the fish. It was too tasty. “When you had invited me for dinner this evening, I had thought that you would take me to some restaurant of high standard. But here you have made me sit on this stool, eating fish and bread,” Mehmet said with a big laughter. She smiled back, understanding the honesty of Mehmet. “Everything goes in love,” she said to herself. He was enjoying eating his fish. They parted later on.

They had been spending all their free times together. She had been waiting for him till he finishes his duty Sometimes in morning, sometimes in the evening and sometime in late hours of the night, depending on the varying duty timings of Mehmet. She was all his, till the last day arrived. Unwillingly she was going back to Bursa, to her parents, the next morning.

Both of them were sad when departing, but they were happy on one count. They had found each other, promising to be so for the rest of their lives. They had decided to marry at the earliest possible time. She was going to tell her parents about her plan to marry Mehmet.

“Would you like to have another sandwich,” Mehmet was asking. She came out of her thoughts with a jolt. “No thank you,” she said. The match on the television had ended, and Mehmet had closed the TV.  “I woıld rather sleep,” she stood up, going towards the bedroom.

“Yes, your last sleep,” Mehmet murmured.  He had already finalized his plan.

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