Thursday, 18 August 2011


“Oh, so you want to buy that painting,” Ferit said. The businessman in him took charge of the situation. He told her that the painting had fallen, and was got damaged. “Don’t worry, I will repair the painting, and you can have that from me the next week,” he said. He had planned to repaint the same painting, and sell that. He even offered her some discount. He did not want to let this lady go empty hands.

“Where would I deliver the painting,” Ferit asked with the hidden intention of knowing her place of residence. But she was too clever. She told him that she would come by herself to his studio, on the given date to collect the painting. Ferit gave her his card. He did not know that she too was living in the same locality.

Since she had come in contact with Kamal, she had started taking interest in paintings too.  But this was the first time that she had come out and visited a painting exhibition, and above all she had decided to buy one. That painting of two tulips was indeed a good choice. A painting worthy of being hanged in the sitting room. She decided to put a photo of this painting in the photos section of her profile.

The exhibition was going to be ended the next day.

She left the exhibition hall, with the same pace, as if she was in a hurry. Ferit kept on watching, this lady in Chinese dress. He was impressed.

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