Thursday, 18 August 2011


                                      CHAPTER 14

“We should go to this restaurant today”, said Berna. It was their third day in Istanbul. They were just roaming around in the Sultan Ahmet area in Istanbul. Since morning they had visited Aya Sophia and Sultan Ahmet mosque.

The whole area was filled with local and foreign tourists. Guides, here and there were busy in explaining the technical details of the two buildings. The road , was jam packed with the buses of the tourists.  People from all of the corners of the world, speaking differing languages, portraying different cultures, were all there, at the same place lost in the grandeur of the Ottomans.


It was quite a hot day. But some clouds were out there, sufficient to provide shades from time to time, here and there. Deniz, with her friends was sitting in the flower filled park, in between the Sultan Ahmet mosque and the Aya Sophia. The fountain in the middle of the park, together with the wind was providing a feeling of coolness. They were enjoying their ice cream. There were not just the foreign tourists, people from all parts of Turkey were there, coming from their respective cities , towns and villages, to the city of Istanbul. Some, to visit the historic sites, some to try their luck, for having a better future in Istanbul.

Istanbul has always been playing hosts to the outsiders, who come there to search for jobs. Istanbul never turns them back. All through the days of the Ottomans, Istanbul always played the host. The same tradition continues still.

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