Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Ferit told all that he knew about Mehmet. “What do you think, Mehmet would have agreed to see me here with Deniz,” Susanta was trying to move logically. “You mean, had Mehmet knew that Deniz called me here, he would have become too angry on that,” He furthered his enquiry. “Yes,” was the plain answer.

So it was clear in the mind of Susanta, that Deniz did not want to involve her husband in what was going on there. This was the reason why she preferred to remain in background and arranged for a direct meeting between him and Ferit. “Had she been here, it would be better, I think,” Susanta thought.

Susanta had understood the situation up to that point, but he could not find any connection between the copy of the photo of the same painting and the visitor who had visited Ferit in his studio in the evening. “Had Deniz sent the same photo to both of us, ?” Susanta thought, although his heart did not agree to that idea. But that indeed could be like that. But, had Deniz sent the same photo to another person too, what could be the reason behind that, and who that person was. Susanta continued thinking.

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