Wednesday, 17 August 2011


“I am sorry, but you know me,” he said in apologizing tone. She did know him and his way of thinking, very well. This was the reason that had made her laugh at the first instance. “I don’t think, I will ever be able to make you realize, how much do I love you,” she said. It was Kamal`s turn to laugh. Her lovely face appeared changing color. Kamal remembered, how once the portrait that he was making, had changed colors. But that was the time when the pink lady was without any face. Right there, at that moment his pink lady was standing just in front of him, with a real face. A face that he could never painted. A face that would need more than one Kamal to transfer its beauty and expression on the canvas. She was his pink lady. She was his everything. Only his heart could paint her.

They laughed, as they realized that they were no more on the net. They could speak to each other spontaneously, and were not supposed to wait for the reply from the other side. There was no time to think. The dialogues between them were no more plain words, arrayed on the screen, unable to carry and represent true feelings behind those words. At that moment, the words had lost all their meanings; they were sensing feelings of each other. All feelings that their write-ups on the net had failed to convey, were being felt by each other. Words were no more needed to supplement.

“Look I once again tell you, I used to read your entire 10 kilometers messages, that you used to send offline…..each and every line of them,” she said laughingly. “And you never believed that, whenever I told you,” she expressed her feelings. He used to write lengthy messages, stressing on words and sentences again and again. “Yes, I never believed you, because I

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