Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Ferit stepped up, and started moving towards, the door. After he had opened the door, he turned back and said. “OK I will not come to you anymore, but you must know that the person accompanying me on that day was not Iqbal, he was Susanta”, he said and closed the door behind him.

“What,” she said, shocked? But Ferit was already gone.

“Go, and call him back’, Feriha called her maid, who came running in after listening her shouting. She ran out of the door, to call Ferit back, but Ferit was already gone. Feriha tried to contact him on phone, but eveytime hearing her voice, he cut the line. She was very disturbed about the situation. The whole situation had taken a turn of 180 degree. She became very confused. She realized that it was her mistake to be unfair to Ferit, who had been trying to help her out.

“But what he has done to my laptop”, she asked herself. This was the question that never came to her mind before. She knew that Ferit had taken her laptop, but neither had he told nor Feriha had asked about its whereabouts. Both of them had perhaps forgotten to mention that.

For Feriha, of course, the laptop did not carry any value anymore, because she could not write any message. She was paralyzed. And asking anybody else to write message for her was totally out of question. Even under these so critical and changed circumstances, she never thought of exposing her identity…..her secrets.

But she must have spoken to Ferit to know the whole story. But Ferit had already decided not to contact Feriha anymore.

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