Thursday, 18 August 2011


report of the incident. “But I don’t know where is the police station,” she said. Mehmet found his chance. “Can
I take her to the police station,” he asked his boss who nodded.

Mehmet felt himself flying high, while walking side by side, of Deniz, who was still looking into her bag. “There was one small purse with money and credit cards. I had put that purse here inside this pocket,” she continued showing the inside pocket of the bag, where she had put the small purse. Mehmet on one hand was considering himself lucky to be with her alone, for sometime, but on the other hand he was feeling very sorry for the state of affairs that she was in.

They were about to enter the police station building when she shouted in joy. “I found it,” she said. She showed Mehmet the small brown purse, which she had just taken out from the same bag that she was searching all through the whole way. Mehmet, for the first time, sensed something wrong in all that was going on, and he had become a part of it, deliberately or un-deliberately. “Is she mad,” he had asked himself.

But indeed she was not mad in that sense. She had fallen in love with Mehmet. She was working just in accordance with the plan that she had made in her mind. She had a long way to go. But the time was too short for her.

“I am very sorry,” she was too polite, as she turned towards Mehmet, looking directly into his eyes. “I really am very sorry, for disturbing you all, in such a silly way,” she said. Mehmet just could not find any words in response. But he had started sensing something.

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