Wednesday, 17 August 2011


                             CHAPTER 41

“Throw this away, I don’t want this dress,” Looking at her pink dress, she shouted. The maid looked towards her in disbelief. She was decorating her wardrobe. Feriha was lying motionless in her bed. Her maid was showing her the dresses. “But this one is not only beautiful but new too,” the maid tried to resist to her wish. But Feriha had already given her decision. She did not want to have anything in her home that would remind her of her past. Nothing at all……she did not want to see or have anything pink in her house.

She changed the pink curtains. Her pink caps, pink scarves, pink sheets, pink dresses, pink shoes , pink nail polishes, pink lipsticks, all were thrown away. Pink color was no more allowed in her home. Her maid had

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