Wednesday, 17 August 2011


“How much does he know”, Kamal started thinking. “Does he know that he had come to find out Applegreen ?. Does he know why he had brought the photo of the paintings of two tulips to him, last time,” he was confused. Ferit was observing at the varying facial expressions of his face.  Kamal was in a fix and Ferit was waiting for the reply. But there was no answer. Kamal preferred to remain quite.

“Where`s Mehmet?”, it was Kamal`s turn to ask. “He is in prison”, Ferit replied. Kamal, cautiously listened, when Ferit told him the police had caught Mehmet, as the suspected killer of his wife. Kamal, did not know that Mehmet had killed his wife. All he knew that Mehmet had pushed him down on the stairs. “He tried to kill me too”, Kamal said. “I suspected that, but I could not say anything, at that time. By the time I entered into the building, you had almost fallen down the stairs,” he said.

“But tell me, one thing,” Ferit asked. “After, Mehmet took you from my studio, that day, what happened, then?” he continued.  Kamal started telling him all that had happened that day, after Mehmet had taken him to his house. He told him how he found out that the photograph that he had brought with himself, from Pakistan and which he had shown to Ferit, and then had left at his studio, was having the pink curtains on the side of the painting. He further told, that in the sitting room of Mehmet, he had noticed that the same painting was hanging there with white curtains on both sides. He told him that he had thought that there must be two same
paintings, one hanging in a house with pink and the other hanging in another house, with white curtains.

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