Thursday, 18 August 2011


                               CHAPTER 3

The overall atmosphere of the studio was tense. The two artists were busy at looking at the paintings hanging on the walls. All of a sudden Kamal laughed. They were watching the sixth painting on the wall. It was the painting of a small puppy, the long haired puppy in the shades of burnt umber and black, were indeed impressive in the background made totally dark by the same colors. It was a good painting, and Ferit did like that. But the instant laugh of his visitor, while looking at this painting, came unexpectedly to Ferit. “What type of the art dealer is he? Is he in his senses? What type of reaction is this?,” Ferit was too busy in analyzing the personality of his guest…..the so called art dealer of international repute. But Kamal, who too was an artist, but not the art dealer of international repute, that Ferit so far had misunderstood, too was busy in resolving the situation.

Kamal would have indeed liked and appreciated the large painting of the horse, and the nude, the third one from the

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