Wednesday, 17 August 2011


could find any clue, that would help him finding her. He started reading her profile.

Profile views : 3685 times
Member since : 14th January 2008
Gender : Female
Age : 49 years
Relationship Status : Unmarried
Interested in : Friendship
Languages : Turkish, English
Location : Istanbul , Turkey
Religion : Islam
Sex Orientation : Straight

There were no other personal details of hers on that page. She had told him that except her age, every other information on her profile was correct. This much information was of course not sufficient to find a girl, in the big city of Istanbul. That was impossible.

He was supposed to work to find some other information. “But what that information could be,” he thought. He kept on looking on her profile page. On the right side was various music videos, that she had copied from various cites. On top of that was IMAGINE of John Lennon, which was his favorite song too. At times, he had thought, that she might have put that song their as an expression of the feeling of closeness with him. Under that was an interesting song, which he could never understood, why it was there. It was a song with the title KISS – Tagalog song by Roxie. He had played that video a couple of times. The story in the video was very impressive and moving, but he could not understand the words of the

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