Wednesday, 17 August 2011


But Ferit had realized, that he must tell Feriha the truth. Perhaps he was the only person who knew the truth. He knew that the person who entered with him and Mehmet into her house, that day was not Kamal, but was Susanta, who never had any idea whatever, about where he had gone, and who that particular paralyzed woman was.

Once Ferit sat by the side of Feriha, she turned her eyes away from him. “Look there are some very important things that I want to tell you”, he said. But she did not want to listen to anything.

But Ferit decided to tell her, even if she did not want to listen. He must at least say. He had thought. So next day, he went to Feriha. She was as usual being attended by her maid. She was seated in the wheelchair. The maid was busy in the kitchen. She was looking very beautiful in a white dress. Her shoulder length black hair was neatly combed. But very oddly she was wearing a violet lipstick. “Why does she use violet lipstick”, he had noted that every time when he saw her during the last few days. She had been using the same colour irrespective of the colour of her dress. “There must be some reason for that”, Ferit thought.

“Look I think I have to give you some very important information, about what happened on the day when I entered your house, that day”, he said.  “But I don’t want to have any information”, she said blatantly. The expression in her eyes was of extreme annoyance. “Look let I put it very straight. It’s very nice of you that you visit me. But please, don’t visit me anymore. Because I simply want to forget, what had happened that day? So please don’t visit me anymore”, she said.

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