Wednesday, 17 August 2011


 “Is he her husband,” was the foremost and most important question, which rushed into his mind. He laughed over himself, because Mehmet had just moments back, used the word wife. What other proof would Kamal need that she was married.

 “But she had never given any indication about this,” he enquired himself, knowing the non-availability of the answer. There was no obvious source to find answer to this crucial question, under the existing conditions.

“If she was married, why she had entered into such a game at the first place,” his mind was trying to create sub questions to analyze the main problem. In that case, the whole game of putting the photo of two daisies in her profile, the assumptions of letting him find her, through the artist, etc. etc. were all baseless. The problem had entered into the unsolvable phase. Kamal`s mind stopped thinking anymore. It had accepted defeat.

But he was still thinking the probability of some big misunderstanding, which had led to the worsening of situation to such an unsolvable extent. Something must have gone wrong somewhere. That was what he was thinking about. But what? He was unable to find that.

“Would you like to eat something,” Mehmet asked him from the kitchen. He was talking sense. Kamal was really hungry, but the seriousness of the situation, had not given him time to think about the condition of his stomach. He was hungry. But he did not want to mention that to Kamal. “I know you are hungry. So do have these sandwiches,” Mehmet said.

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