Wednesday, 17 August 2011


“So I am not going to meet Kamal,” her eyes were filled with tears. She recalled her first love, and the death of Mustafa. She recalled her decision not to love anybody anymore in her life. She recalled her commitment not to take Kamal seriously in the beginning, because she did not want to loose him. Once again her fate had intervened when she was just a little far from attaining his love.  “Of course nobody is going to love me in this condition, unable to move, unable to do anything at all. I am worthless, even for Kamal,” her tears started flowing out of her beautiful eyes. There was no hope left.

“But I have got some hope,” Ferit sitting in his room, said to himself. “Only if I succeed in my plan,” he said. He deleted the last message sent by Applegreen to Iqbal, from the Inbox of Iqbal. So that Iqbal would never know what had had happened at the last stage. Ferit wanted him not to know that Applegreen was sick and paralyzed.  He knew that once out of hospital, Iqbal would instantly try to contact Feriha. “But without the knowledge of her password how would I be able to respond him, as Applegreen,” he started thinking. He must have solved this problem, if he wanted his plan to succeed.  “I must solve it,” he said.

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