Thursday, 18 August 2011


large painting of the horse, which must have attracted his attention out rightly, since he too had painted so many horses. “Then what’s the problem? Has he not liked the
new setup of the studio? “, Ferit was trying to understand the mentality and approach of his guest.

“But Deniz had told me that he is a world class art dealer, very professional in his work”, Ferit thought. He thought that Deniz had perhaps made a mistake by changing setup of his studio. His studio was carrying a somewhat formal look, usually not found in studios of most of the
artists. “This is why he is not speaking to me, because he thinks that I am not the artist of the caliber that Deniz might have told him. He found my studio unnatural”, Ferit had found a point to console him.

He had, in his opinion, found the reason behind the queer behavior of his guest. He decided to take the initiative.

“Let I show you my paintings”, Ferit said. Kamal, stood up with him, with a confused mind .His mind remained trapped in understanding the situation. He had found himself in a totally different situation.  

The unfinished tea remained unattended on the table. Both of them were busy in their own thoughts.

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