Thursday, 18 August 2011


“Unbelievable”, he said to himself, and decided to overcome his suspicion. Bravely, he took the photo in his hand, and looked back. The faceless lady was changing her colors fast. Her dress was, now red, now blue, now green, and now brown. Fast, fast, fast the lady in the photo was spinning and changing colors. His head started spinning along with her. Stunned, he could not even manage throwing the photo. He was frightened.

“Who are you?” his mind asked.

“Applegreen”, came the unheard reply.

Kamal, was stunned. Applegreen too did not have any face on her profile on DABEGGO.  The dummy face with a dummy name had taken over. He could not control himself anymore, tired as if he had just finished climbing the hill; he threw himself in his chair. The spilling titanium white and the vermilion, from his pallet, got mixed up on the floor of the studio, near his feet. Together they made his favorite pink on the floor and on part of his dress. He was so lost he could not see anything. Applegreen had taken control of his heart, his mind and his abilities.

He opened his eyes. Everything in his studio was the same. Nothing had changed. The clock on the wall was showing the time as 10.30 pm. “I must complete this portrait”, he stood up with a renewed determination. Once again he mixed the colours on his aisle, and started working on face of the lady on the canvas on his aisle.

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