Wednesday, 17 August 2011


There was a newspaper representative waiting for Kamal, on the airport. He came out with so many questions. But Kamal did not say a word. His friend understood what he wanted. He whisked away to the parking lot. The photographer could have some photographs of Kamal sitting on the wheelchair.

He was expecting Kamal to explain the whole adventure. How and why he went to Istanbul, and what did he do there, and how come he got injured. But Kamal was all quite. As if he had not even gone to Istanbul. “At least say something Kamal, for God sake,” his friend could not wait any longer. “What should I say? I don’t have anything to say. I went and I came back. That’s all,” Kamal concluded the whole episode. “And your leg is in plaster. What’s this story,” I had had an accident there,” was his cool reply. There was no sense in continuing the discussion. His friend looked back again towards him, there was no expression on his face.

But he was restless. He forced his friend to buy him a laptop with internet connection, from the first shop that he saw on their way back to home from the airport. His friend tried to talk to him, but Kamal was physically present in the car, but his mind was not present there. His friend accepted his defeat and stopped talking.

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