Wednesday, 17 August 2011


bought that painting from him. After all not much time would pass, and in his opinion, Ferit must be able to recall the buyer of the painting. The rest was supposedly easy.

Kamal, had solved the problem. He was going to prove that he could find Applegreen. He was too happy and satisfied. He restarted finishing the painting of that young boy with green shirt. He started singing a song. He preferred to go back to the profile page of Applegreen, and clicked on that song in Tagalog language. He could not understand the words, but the music was good. He started singing the song, trying to catch up the words, where he could.

Oh oh yeh yeh yeh oooooooooo
A tuna lama lan sana

He laughed. He could not catch a single word. But he continued singing the song. It was a love song, and he too was in love. He was too happy. He was going to find his love, his Applegreen very soon.

A kona lamu lan sana
A kona lama………

He laughed, he sang.
He continued singing the tagalong song, laughing on himself frequently. He liked the song. He could neither catch any word nor could understand, but he was sure the song was expressing his true feelings.

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