Thursday, 18 August 2011


 Once the photo session finished, he thanked her cordially, telling her that she would be able to see the photos printed in the newspaper the next morning. “Thank you, you are a good photographer,” she managed to thank him in the end. Quite disturbed, something was making her feeling uneasy. Something from inside was telling her that,” Mustafa is worth loving”. The same voice again sprang up from within, and spread all through her body. She shrugged, trying to win her senses back. In all her veins, as if every drop of her blood, was saying the same thing. She could not realize that she had fallen in love with Mustafa.


Feriha was supposed to go to her room. He on the other side was required to attend to his other pending stories for the newspaper. But none of them was willing to say goodbye to the other. They wanted to spend some more time together. They were deeply in love. There was no doubt in that.

But it could not be like that indefinitely. Her coach called her, and she had to say goodbye to Mustafa. They departed, confirming from there eyes, their desire to meet again. But none of them could say a word.

That night was too long for the two. She could not sleep properly. She was waiting for the morning, to see her photos published in the newspaper. It was not the first time that her photos would be published in the newspaper. For years she had been a media subject. But this time the situation was different. The difference was Mustafa. The photos to be published the next morning were taken by Mustafa, which had made them very valuable for her. She was waiting.

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  1. "The Two Tulips" is an absorbing and touching story. The reader just moves inside the scenes portrayed by the pen. Its one the most wonderful blog written by Ahmet Abdulaziz. I wish him lot of success in his endeavours , he being a sportsman, an athlete and painter also proved himself to be a dream writer.
    Warm regards.