Thursday, 18 August 2011


He went to them, once he noticed that they had started their second tour of the hall. According to his experience, when a visitor starts taking the second tour, he could be an intended buyer. They were looking at the painting of a small dog. It was the portrait of a brown dog. The painting was quite impressive.

“It’s a good painting, are you people interested in it”, Ferit asked Mehmet, though he wanted to say it to Deniz instead. “Yes, I want to buy this”, Deniz replied instead of Mehmet. “But”, Mehmet wanted to say something but Ferit immediately cut his sentence short, and offered a discount. “It’s very nice of you,” Mehmet responded. “Of course, we would like to be benefited from your this offer, but I don’t want to have the portrait of a dog in my house”, Mehmet had announced his decision. Both Ferit and Deniz, stood quite.

“Ok, if you don’t want this one, I would show you some other too”, Ferit had sensed their determination to take home a painting. “What about flowers?” he asked, and showed them another good painting of two tulips. Painted in lemon yellow color they were quite impressive with in the light greenish background.  And the buyer was there. “Yes, it’s a good painting, you had

mentioned that as your second choice, didn’t you,” Mehmet said turning to his wife. “Yes, I think its ok”, Deniz said.

“You speak fluent turkish,” Ferit asked Deniz. “What?” Deniz tuned back. “At first sight people usually consider my wife a Filipino, but she is a Turk,” Mehmet clarified the situation. Ferit felt himself a fool. “I am very sorry,” he could not manage saying anything else. He took out money from his pocket to make the payment. They wanted to take the painting immediately. “Usually, the paintings have been delivered after the exhibition is finished, but if you insist you can take it now,” Ferit was too embarrassed. He packed the painting. His two tulips were gone.

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