Wednesday, 17 August 2011


“I think you must listen to what I say,” Ferit said. He could no more bear the suspense of the situation. He pulled Susanta back to his chair. He could not understand anything at all. He had never thought of getting such a reception. He was not in a position to apprehend the situation. He had landed right in the middle of a very complex situation.

 “I need your help,”he said to Susanta helplessly. Ferit started telling Susanta the whole story. He told him about a visitor, whom he had misunderstood to be Susanta. In fact he did not know his name (Kamal). “What?”, Susanta could not stop him from calling. Somebody, some Indian, had come there before, and was misunderstood to be Susanta. That was simply unthinkable of for him. He asked Ferit about that, but he was dumb. How much wrong that was, yet it had happened and was then a part of the past.

But that was just one part of the problem. Ferit showed him the photo that the visitor had brought and then left. He further told him that even Mehmet did have the knowledge of the existence of this photograph. Ferit tried to explain the maximum possible details of the situation and about the array of events that had been unfolding since morning. He was almost breathless, when he took out the photo of the two tulips, and showed that to Susanta.

Susanta was shocked when he saw the photo. He was having the same photograph in his pocket too. Deniz had already sent him a photo of the two daisies, as an example of quality of Ferit`s art. He had liked that painting. Two pink daisies standing side by side with on bending over the other, as if going to kiss the other one. The painting did carry a message, and that had appealed

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