Wednesday, 17 August 2011


He was too excited. He looked back at the unfinished painting of the polo player and restarted working with a new enthusiasm.

Within next few days Ferit phoned him again, and the details of the proposed exhibition were finalized.

“I must work hard”, Kamal said to himself. Although there still was one month to the exhibition, but he wanted to put the best of his paintings in that exhibition. He did have some old paintings of his, with him, but still he was supposed to make some new paintings, to reach the agreed figure of 30 paintings.

“I must inform her”, Kamal, rushed to his laptop. He had not even started writing the message, when suddenly an idea struck. “Let it be a surprise”, he smiled. He thought that the newspapers of Istanbul would put up news about his painting exhibition in Istanbul. She would obviously be reading that, and there would be nothing to stop her from coming there.

“Oh my God, it must be a mistake if I tell her in advance. May be she would not come,” he thought. He remembered that she always wanted to keep herself a secret, and had repeatedly said that she did not want to come out in open. She had not even told him her name, how come she would agree to come in his exhibition to meet him. “No, I am sure, if I tell her, she would not come,” he said to himself.

He was confident that if he does not inform her in advance there is more probability of her coming to see him. “In that case, the only problem would be to recognize her”, he said. He thought that he would be able to recognize her from amongst the guests in the exhibition. “she must be the one wearing the pink dress…..she is my pink lady”, he laughed.

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