Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Kamal worked quite hard to read the name of the artist. In the end he succeeded to read that. FERIT OZTURK. It was a big breakthrough for him.

He appeared satisfied. He had understood her plan. It was so easy and logical, which of course needed some concentration. Kamal, so far had succeeded in finding the main clue. He went into search on his laptop. He wrote the name of the artist….FERIT OZTURK, in search.

The result of search was just as he had thought. Ferit was a Turkish artist, who had put a number of his paintings on various sites dealing with the online exhibition of paintings. Kamal started opening the pages of these sites one by one. There were different paintings on different galleries. He continued. Ultimately he found what he was looking for. The photo of the painting of two daisies was there in front of him. It was a nice painting. He had successfully linked the painting to its artist.

The rest was easy. He found the address of the studio of Ferit on another site. His studio was located in Shop No. 4 , 2nd lane, off Iskele sokak, Kadikoy, Istanbul. That was the address, where he must reach. “That’s the place where she would meet me,” Kamal was too happy to solve the problem. He had found it easy to be solved.

He looked back again on the photograph of the two daisies with pink curtains on its side. This was the photograph that he would show to Ferit, once he reach there, and he would lead him to the lady who had

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