Wednesday, 17 August 2011


exhibition in Pakistan. Kamal, smiled. He did not want to say anything. But he was supposed to say something.

All of a sudden an idea struck his mind. “Now I don’t think I can get any help from Ferit, to find her, why not I open the topic in the press,”he said to himself. He thought, that may be some of the newspapers would put this answer of his in the newspaper next morning, and in all probability Applegreen / Feriha would read this, or somebody else, having any connection with her, might come up to help him. There were too many ideas rushing to his mind instantly.

“When I put those paintings, in my exhibition last time, I did not tell anybody who that lady was. Let I tell you today. This is the paintings of a lady whom I love,” Kamal said. The first reaction among the journalists was of shock, mixed with great expectation of good news coming up. But Ferit was very cautious. He knew that even a wrong step of Kamal, can make his whole plan a failure.

“The lady in these paintings is the one whom I love too much. But neither she nor I wanted to show her face to the world. She is in Istanbul. I hope she would come to my exhibition and you all would be able to see the face of the lady of my paintings. I have organized this exhibition in her honor.” Kamal took a deep breath of relief. He had taken first step, with the expectation that it might bear fruit. It was a wild chance that he had taken. Ferit listened carefully.

There was a bombardment of questions from the journalists, that followed the declaration made by Kamal, but he did not reply, and just smiled. He knew he had had to wait till next morning.

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