Wednesday, 17 August 2011


along with him. Nobody else had perhaps paid any attention to the laptop. They were both busy in taking care of Kamal.

Ferit took the laptop, which appeared to be unaffected by the fall.

The ambulance arrived rather early. The medical staff, hurriedly put Kamal, in the ambulance, and they rushed out. The heard the fading siren of the ambulance for the sometime. After that it was all a silence. Everybody there was in a shock and speechless.  Somebody did have to arrange cleaning the blood stained wall and the stairs.

Right at that moment, two floors up, Feriha was lying motionless. Her body from neck downward had gone paralyzed. She tried to move but could not. She tried to bark, but the nerves of her mouth and sound box were no more working. She was in her senses, waiting for some medical help to reach her. But how? Somebody must call ambulance. But who? Nobody was there.

She had just sent her last message to Kamal. Her fingers were almost numb and her arms were not working. Yet she had succeeded in writing down what was important at that point. Medical help could have reached her, only if Kamal could read her message and understand.

But at the same time Kamal was lying unconscious on the operation table. His heart had stopped. Doctors were trying hard to revive his heartbeat.

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