Thursday, 18 August 2011


His name was Mehmet. He was from a remote village in the eastern country. He had come to Istanbul for university education. He was doing his masters in tourism. Like so many other students he too was working as waiter in the summer in order to have some pocket money. It was his just second day on the job.  But he did not tell all this to Deniz then. He told her his name.

Deniz was trying to provide some more time to the girls to finalise their order. “I think, it would be best if we leave the decision to our waiter host”, Deniz came out with a very strange suggestion. The ongoing hum on the table stopped instantly. The girls were stunned with the unexpected step of Deniz. He too was astonished. “We will eat, what you would bring for us”, said Deniz.

They all thought that Deniz was joking. But it was not. Mehmet, that was his name, turned back, started walking towards the kitchen, confused, unable to understand the situation on one hand and also unable to decide what dishes should he give them to eat.

The shef solved the problem of Mehmet. Adana kabab was the answer. The most favourite dish of the south eastern Turkey. But they had to wait for sometime, as it would take took some time to be prepared. When the kebabs came out of the kitchen, the whole restaurant got filled with the


attractive smell of fresh cooked meat. Knowing that the girls were not from the eastern Turkey, he had not put any red chilies in it.

He was putting the plates in front of the girls, and Deniz was looking at him. Tall, well built, he was impressive. Deniz took her eyes away of him, as he turned to put the plate in front of her. She looked at him, as he bent to put the plate. He too was looking. Something did happen, as both of them felt something in their hearts. Cupid had already done his job.

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