Thursday, 18 August 2011


His lips were still on her lips, the two tongues were mingling with each other.
“She cheated me,” He felt himself overpowered by somebody else. He felt deepest form of hate within himself. Mehmet, who was loving his wife, moments earlier, was no more there. A totally new Mehmet had taken his place.  He had been transformed into a killer, filled with the desire to take revenge from his wife.

His both hands were still there, on her neck. Deniz did not feel anything. Her lips were still glued to that of his. All of a sudden his grip on her neck hardened. At first she thought that as part of his love game. But no that was not so. By the time she realized what was happening, it was already too late,

Mehmet did not let her go. He hardened his grip on her neck. He did not give her any chance to move from her place. He had already put whole of his weight over her. She was not powerful enough to get rid of him. He continued pressing her neck, harder and harder. His hands were locked. The tips of his fingers had turned white under the extreme pressure he had applied.

He had not yet taken his hands away from her neck. She was already dead. Her mouth had opened. Her tongue that was a little earlier, was transferring the juices of Mehmet`s love into hers, was half out of her lips, lifeless. Her eyes were open, wide open, to the extreme, as if asking Mehmet, of his conduct.

“What was my crime,” her open eyes were looking direct into his eyes, as he came down from the bed. He did not want to look towards her anymore. Most part of her

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