Wednesday, 17 August 2011


realized that there must be some reason behind her this action, but she could not ask

She was getting physiotherapy of whole of her body everyday, but there was no improvement. She had already started losing hope. “I lost my love twice, now it’s the turn to lose my life,” she had prepared herself for the end.

But nothing had been lost for Ferit, who was still waiting for the miracle to happen.

For a couple of times Ferit did come to see Feriha, but she never spoke to him. She did not want to tell him anything. Although, she was sure that he was the person who knew most, if not everything.

Ferit visited Feriha the next morning. She was very upset at that moment. She was shouting, and her maid was finding it difficult to control. Feriha was crying. Ferit sat there and tried to give her some moral. But she was too upset to hear him. He knew the reason for her aggressive behavior. But he could not open the topic with her. She too did not want to say a word on that topic.

What had hurt her most was the fact that she failed to get the expected response from Kamal. (Susanta), when he came together with Ferit and Mehmet in her house to find her paralyzed. “If he was not interested in me, why did he take so pain to come to Istanbul, and to ultimately, reach my home,” she had asked this question a thousand of times to herself. But there was no answer available to her. She had started getting bored of the whole affair. She wanted to forget everything.

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