Wednesday, 17 August 2011

bother me at all. You have said this earlier too, and I am telling you for the last time that I am not going to believe anything that you would say,” he said.

“Can I ask you a question,” Kamal asked. Mehmet just looked towards him. “When did your wife change the curtains of this room?” Kamal asked. It was a very simple question but under the prevailing conditions, this question had become very crucial. Mehmet too got astonished. “We are new here. These curtains are new,” came the expected answer from Mehmet. Kamal felt himself a bit relieved.

“Then, this is not the house where I should be,” he said confidently. Mehmet turned. He had left the match unfinished. The television was still on. Mehmet was listening to what Kamal was saying. Kamal told him that the photograph of the painting that he had brought from Pakistan and had left at the studio of Ferit was different from the painting hanging on the wall of that house.

“How can you say that?……..i mean do you have any proof,” Mehmet asked the expected question. “For that I must show the photo of the painting, but we left that at the studio. We must go and bring that here”, Kamal replied. Of course he never wanted to show that photo from his laptop because that might lead to so many unwanted questions from Mehmet.

Kamal had thought that Mehmet would not agree to his proposal so easily. But he agreed. They stood up. Mehmet took his laptop with him. He never left that anywhere. He was waiting for the message from Applegreen. In fact that particular was the moment when he needed her too much. Once again he opened the laptop and checked. There was no message from her.

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