Thursday, 18 August 2011


                                   CHAPTER 18

Mehmet got bored of watching TV. Deniz had not arrived yet. “Where are you?” he was still searching for her. He had looked for her every where. But she was not there. He could not make it out as to where she could have been gone at that time. He could not sit, he was disturbed. He went into the bedroom again, and then to the other room, just next to it. In fact they were not using this room, but they had put their computer in there, because Deniz frequently used to bring home some work from her office. Internet was the necessity.

Suddenly Mehmet noticed that the computer was on. He touched the mouse, and the otherwise dark screen blinked and opened the Yahoo messenger. Deniz was so excited, when she left, that she had forgotten to signoff. She was in the studio of Ferit.
Already frustrated, Mehmet started reading the last session of the chat.

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