Wednesday, 17 August 2011


There were mixed reactions among the journalists. One considered the statement of Kamal a joke, made to attract attention of the crowd. But the rest were weighing the chances of what Kamal had said, as true. “We must find that lady”, the other journalist said. But they preferred to go the easiest way. They all agreed to go to the exhibition the other day to see if Kamal introduce someone as the women he loved, or not.

After the dinner was eaten and the journalists had gone, Iqbal thanked Ferit for arranging all that. “Do you really believe that she would come tomorrow?” he asked Kamal while parting. He smiled back, and said,” I think she would. I think that will be a surprise for everybody and especially for you too”. “Ha ha ha,”Ferit enjoyed his reply, but said,” I too have got a surprise in store for you. You will see that tomorrow.” Ferit left the room, after shaking hands.

Both of them were waiting for the next day’s exhibition, which was expected to be full of surprises. Kamal went to his room to sleep but there was no sleep in his eyes. He was too eager to see his dreams come alive the next day. He was too excited. He decided to send a message to Applegreen.


He sent the message and went to sleep.

“It isn’t too late. I think Feriha would have not slept by now,” Ferit said to himself while driving himself, fast towards Kadikoy. He must have to materialize the last part of his plan. “I must speak to her,” he said to himself, and sped up his speed.

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