Thursday, 18 August 2011


                             CHAPTER 19

It was not too late. The main door opened smoothly.   Deniz entered . She was not expecting Mehmet there. But he was there, sitting casually on the sofa. Television was on.  Two senior sports journalists were busy analyzing the latest position of the top level teams in the ongoing league matches. His eyes were fixed on the television screen. His eyes were not seeing anything, his ears were not listening any sound at all.

He was still busy in finalizing his plan.

“You came early today,” Deniz said, as if asking why he had come early. He appeared normal as he had
usually been. “I had gone to the studio of Ferit,” she was starting telling the whole expisode. “Yes I knew that,” were the words that Mehmet said to himself, but could not say it loudly.

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