Thursday, 18 August 2011


                                 CHAPTER 4

Feriha did not need to work. She was all alone. No brother or sister. No close relative. Her parents had left her this four storied building, situated off the Istiklal Boulevard, in Kadikoy area of Istanbul.  The rent income, she used to collect from the tenants was more than sufficient for her to lead a normal life.

She turned 30, just last month. Her screen name was Applegreen, and the latest exchange of messages among them she had realized that she was in love with Kamal, the Karachi based artist. But she did not want to carry on this relationship any further. She was afraid that one day she might succumb to his pressures, and would tell him her real identity. So far she had succeeded in holding him, but how long would she hold that pressure. He was not only persistent but used to become mad too easily. She had been finding it very difficult to cool him down, every time when the topic of her identity came forth.

But she could not block him either. She could not delete his name either. At times she thought of blocking or deleting him, some power from inside had stopped her from doing so. She was lost in the confusion. She could not give any decision. Should she really tell him her real identity? “No, I will not”, Feriha said to herself forcefully. She did not want to repeat the sad events that had followed when she last fell in love.

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