Wednesday, 17 August 2011


“Yes, that was I who had made the same painting twice, and sold to two different persons”, Ferit said. He further explained that he knew that it was unethical to sell the same painting to more than one customer, but he admitted that since he always wanted to win more and more friends, so he never wanted any of his customers to return back with empty hands. “And that was what I did that day, when I saw the other lady desperate to buy the same painting, which I had already sold to Deniz and Mehmet”, Ferit continued,” I simply could not say no to her, and made the same painting again.”

That was the stage that Kamal was waiting for since long. “Who was that other person to whom you sold the same painting? Do you know her? Where does she live”, Kamal was too excited. Ferit laughed within himself, because he already knew the reason behind these questions of Kamal. But he did not want to tell him everything at that moment. He did not reply to that question.

Ferit was stepping ahead, slowly but surely, to achieve his goal. He did not want to spoil all his efforts, by opening his mouth at that particular time. According to his plans, it was necessary not to reply those questions of Kamal. So he just laughed. But Kamal was getting impatient. He forced Ferit not to remain silent. However, Ferit did not have any other way out but to lie that he did not remember the lady to whom he had sold the second painting. This answer of Ferit dampened grossly hopes of Kamal. His mood changed. Ferit did notice that. He knew the reason for that. But he too was helpless. There was much more to be done, to make his plan succeed.

They did not speak a lot, till the car reached the hotel, where Kamal was going to stay. His exhibition would be

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