Wednesday, 17 August 2011


second painting of the two tulips. She was none else the one who had visited his painting in the last moments, wearing a Chinese sort of dress.

Ferit came nearer to her. He asked her name, but he realized that only her eyes were able to send any message at all. She could not speak. He looked directly where her eyes were looking. Her eyes were fixed on the laptop that was lying there opened in front of her. The page opened there was DEBAGGO. He had seen the same page in the laptop of Kamal, a bit earlier. He was sure that the message was sent by her. He read the username . As expected he found Applegreen there. Feriha was watching him, but could not say anything.

Ferit turned back to look into her eyes. Slowly she took her eyes away towards Susanta. She wanted to call him. That was that Ferit could read in her eyes. He called him. Susanta looked into her eyes. She wanted him to look into the page opened in her laptop. He looked. His face was expressionless. She was trying to say something, but he failed to understand. Infarct he was not the one that she was thinking he was. 

Ferit, clicked the box with the mark, remember my password and closed the laptop. He wanted to see what link does the two were having among them. He took the laptop with him. Ambulance had arrived. The medical personnel put her on the stretcher and took away. Her eyes remained fixed on the face of Susanta till the last. But he could not understand anything. Ferit had started understanding something. He carried the laptop with him.

Mehmet too had started realizing the fact. The existence of two same paintings, had made him to rethink from the

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