Thursday, 18 August 2011


His pink lady, in his opinion, must not be that much indifferent of what had been going. “She too must be eager to find the, puzzle that she had prepared, solved”, he thought. He felt a sense of deep inner satisfaction, a satisfaction of a warrior who had just won the war. He considered himself as a god, who had solved an apparently unsolvable puzzle. He had proved his love for his pink lady. “And my ultimate prize, my pink lady, would be here anytime, for me, in front of my eyes, she too must be too excited like me,” he thought with a smile


broadening on his face, that Ferit considered as an expression of his approval of the quality of his art.

Ferit became satisfied, so was Kamal. But they were both satisfied under differing assumptions, without knowing the truth that none of their assumptions were correct. Almost nothing was what they had been thinking as to be. But ignorance of truth, did play its role, in making both of them happy,

“I think we should now sit and discuss the situation,” said Ferit, as they completed viewing all the paintings, one by one. “Yes,” replied Kamal, sensing the adventure entering into its last phase. He was too excited. “But I think we should have another cup of tea first. Did you like that?,” Ferit asked. Kamal nodded, exhibiting his approval for the offer. Actually he was not used to drink tea without milk, but perhaps he was too tired, or excited, the first glass of tea had given him much energy. He did like the tea, but what attracted him the most was the slowly change of dark reddish black color into light reddish He liked that process.

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