Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Susanta. Ferit could be recommended by him in the international art circles.

Now Susanta had realized that the situation was far more complicated than what he had thought of till then. He had found himself fully involved in it. “Should I show the picture that I am having in my pocket,”he started thinking. He was an Indian, where cultural values were different from the west. But still was sensing danger in showing the photo sent by Deniz, thinking that she might have not told her family about that, and her husband might react to that. He was thinking with his Indian cultural background.

But Susanta had forgotten that although there were too many differences between the eastern and western culture, yet the basic feelings in every human being are the same, and they don’t change. The only difference is in the exhibition of severity of reaction. Otherwise as far as the internal feelings are concerned, they are the same, throughout the world.

You cannot restrict the human feelings within the boundaries drawn by human beings.

Susanta recalled that he had read this statement somewhere, and his mind brought the same before him at that very moment. “I should not show the photo till I understand and realize the nature of each character of the game,” he decided.
The photo that could have helped solving the whole problem remained within his pocket.

“You told me that Mehmet is the husband of Deniz.”he asked. Ferit`s answer was positive. “ then tell me what type of person he is ,” Susanta asked. To this question

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