Thursday, 18 August 2011


She was standing there, all alone, totally confused, panicked. She was no more the one that she had been moments earlier. That simple sentence had hit her as an arrow, somewhere inside her. She could not realize what had happened to her. The more she was trying to understand the situation, the more she was getting confused. Panicked, she started perspirating.

 “My God where have I put my pink dress”, she questioned herself.

Since she started exchanging messages with Kamal, she had started feeling something different inside her. But she never gave that feeling any serious importance. She had been simply ignoring that. Over years many a times
such a feeling had aroused inside her heart, but she had made herself aloof of such feelings. “I will not allow anybody to love me. I am not going to love anybody”, she had committed herself.

However, this time she could not realize that she no more was the same, what she had been a day earlier. Every passing moment was pushing her towards Kamal, whom she had met just on the net. On DABEGGO, he was simply one of her 225 friends.  But, the whole world of hers had changed, and she could not have even noticed that.

“Noooooooo”, a scream from inside her shrugged her. “I don’t have much time. I must find my pink dress first”, still her lost mind could not remember the place where she had put that. “I must find it……….immediately. He is waiting”, she was almost in tears.

Totally cut off from the world around her, lost, almost bursting into tears she felt herself helpless. She had


  1. m eager to read... wht next had happened

  2. what happened next ???

  3. Wonderful write up, gave some hope to the poor apple green.... but what happened afterwards.. ?

  4. Oh help!! What happens next? Love it by the way!!!

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