Wednesday, 17 August 2011


the invitation of Deniz. Ferit was literally going to have a stroke. His knees failed to hold his stature. He did not find any other way out but to sit on the nearby chair. His face was clearly exhibiting his inner feelings of extreme disbelief.

“My God, if he is Susanta, then who was he ?”, Ferit asked himself in sheer helplessness. He wanted to know what was going on in his studio, that morning. But there was nobody to help him out. Nobody was available to explain the complexities of the situation. He alone was unable to solve the problem.

What he did not know, was that at very moment, in the flat of Deniz, Kamal was thinking how to ask Mehmet to take him to the studio of Ferit, to get back the photo of the two daisies. A little later they were to head for Ferit`s studio, which was not too far from where they were. 

“I am Susanta,” he introduced himself. “I am Ferit,” Ferit took control of himself with great difficulty. They shook hands. Ferit asked him to take the seat. His face was still white. “I think you know why I am here,” Susanta said smiling. Indeed there was no doubt that Ferit was very well aware of that. But he was not in a position to comprehend as to what was going on.

With his mind still trying to understand the situation, he led Susanta to see his paintings. Susanta was analyzing each and every painting, deeply. He was giving his comments on each, but Ferit was not able to hear anything. He was physically present there, but his mind was not there.

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