Wednesday, 17 August 2011



Feriha saw a stranger trying to find out her condition. She heard him calling her name. She wanted to reply, but could not. “How does he know my name? Who is he?” she asked herself. But she recognized the second person, who was her tenant Mehmet. She was satisfied, that at last some one had found her. She was lying there motionless - paralyzed. Only her eyes were working.

She was shocked to see Susanta, who was there trying to help. Mehmet again phoned ambulance. The ambulance was on its way. She mistook Susanta as Kamal. In fact she was expecting him, after sending the last message. “So he found my message and has finally arrived to save my life,” she looked towards Susanta, with deep gratitude. Susanta, at that particular moment looked in her eyes. Her eyes were filled with the tears of happiness and gratitude. Susanta however could not give any meaning to those feelings evident from her eyes. Tears started flowing out of her eyes. She wanted to see the feelings of a worried lover in his eyes. But his eyes were expressionless. She wanted to see him as the one who cared for her, one who had ultimately succeeded in finding out his love. But Susanta was all confused and expressionless, finding himself into something totally unrelated to him. “Who is she?”, that was what he was thinking at that moment. He carried an overall expression of boredom and unconcerned. Ferida felt her dreams shattered.

              Her mind was so upset then that she could not recall the face of Kemal that she had earlier seen in his photos. But of course both, Susanta and Kemal, were dark brown skinned. In general, the residents of the two asian neighbor countries usually carry the features nearer to each other.

“Oh my God, look at this,” Ferit said with a voice expressing his deep excitement. Mehmet and Susanta turned, and looked at the wall that he was standing facing. They need not to ask for any explanation. They already knew what he wanted to show to them. There was no need to say anything. They all knew that they had found the most important clue of the puzzle that they had been trying to solve since morning. The second painting of the two tulips was hanging there on the white wall, with two pink colored curtains hanging on both sides.

Now Ferit realized why he had found the face of Feriha as being seen by him earlier somewhere. Now the presence of this painting had made him realized that he was standing in front of the lady who had bought the

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