Wednesday, 17 August 2011


She was all tears. Something broke inside him . He could not bear her crying, without any sound. He brought her into the room, she was still weeping.

“Please don’t cry, or I too will start crying,” he did not know how to stop her from crying. But she was crying. They were sitting on the sofa. He could not find any solution. What should he do to stop her from crying? He slipped down on the carpet, and held her face just inches away from his. He was looking directly into her tearful eyes. She looked into his eyes, and burst into laughter. His face was so perplexed, seeing her weeping, that she could not stop herself from laughing. A sudden shift in her mood brought him back into his senses. He could not stop himself from kissing her.
He wanted to choke her by kissing, but she found the way. She ran away. Mehmet too ran after her. They were running, trying to catch each other. Like small children, they were trying to satisfy themselves by happiness filled small activities, sweet childhood. All of a sudden she stopped. Mehmet banged into her. He could not stop himself. “Why are you running after me,” she asked unexpectedly. “Because you are running from me,” was his answer.

 “But I was going to make sandwich for you,” she said turning towards the kitchen. “You are tired and hungry, I know,” she said. “And you too are tired and hungry,” he said.

“Ok, both of us are tired and hungry. But today you are my guest.” She said. He nodded, letting her go to the kitchen. He opened the television.

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