Thursday, 18 August 2011


The parted lips of the two had given way to their wet tongues, which had already started sucking each other, in lust. The hot breathes of both were being exchanged in each other nostrils. Lost in the deep love feelings, passing through their tongues, she heard Ferit whispering into her ear. “I love opening the top two buttons of yours shirt”, he loved cleavage.

“You are not listening to me”, the voice of Deniz seemed coming out from somewhere very far, but was powerful enough to bring him out of his dream. She was standing bent in front of him, with the paintings that she had selected. The two top buttons of her white shirt were already opened, giving him a view of soft cleavage of hers. “Who has opened

those two buttons”, he said to himself, and laughed at his dream.

“You have perhaps not yet understood the seriousness of the issue”, Deniz had started being annoyed. Shunning down the effects of the dream that he was so lovingly having, Ferit became all ears to what she was saying. “Your mind didn’t appear present, so I tell you again from the very beginning”, she said. Ferit felt himself ashamed.

“Look I have contacted with an Indian art dealer. He is a big name in the international art market. I have invited him here and he would be coming tomorrow to see your paintings. If he likes your work, he would introduce you in the international market”, Deniz appeared so enthusiastic as if she was the artist in place of Ferit, who was standing there, just looking at the pink soft petal like lips of hers.

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