Wednesday, 17 August 2011


impressed her a lot. “He is a gentleman”, she said to herself.

She was impressed. Kamal was beside himself in joy. Ferit was following them. But they were busy in talking with each other. They were lost, as if they were not in the exhibition hall, with guests there.

Kamal came back to his senses, when he reached the painting of the lady whose face was hidden behind the book that she was reading. He stopped, just in front of the painting. He turned the wheel chair and parked it just under the painting. Feriha was sitting, waiting for his next move. Nobody did know what would be his next mover.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” he wanted attention of everybody present. “Everybody here wanted to know about the identity of the lady in this painting. Here she is. She is Applegreen, whom I love too much.” Everybody present there applauded. The only journalist, who was still there, hurriedly took some photographs of the event, and left the scene. He had had to prepare the latest news for the magazine section of the newspaper, to be published the next morning.

“But there is one thing that is still troubling me”,Kamal asked Feriha. They were on their way to the hotel. Ferit too was accompanying them. “What?” asked Feriha. “I know that your body is paralyzed, and as you have told me, there are signs of improvements too, and I hope that in very near future, you would be able to walk and use your hands too, but how could you write all those messages to me, since I went back to Pakistan, even till yesterday, when your hands and fingers don’t work?”, Kamal asked.

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