Thursday, 18 August 2011


international repute, settled in Singapore, Susanta was supposed to review his paintings and if satisfied would introduce him to the international art world.

As he turned his attention from the new setup of his studio, he noticed a dark colored stranger entering his studio. “Hoshgeldiniz (welcome)”, said Ferit, as the stranger entered. The room did not have an air conditioner but the small pedestal fan in the corner of the small shop turned studio, was sufficient to take something away from the otherwise hot weather. Wearing blue half sleeved shirt, over jeans, with a small bag on one shoulder and a laptop hanging from the other, the stranger was none else but Kamal. Ferit misunderstood him as Susanta.
Kamal, was about to take the photo of two tulips from his pocket, when he heard Ferit saying, “I was waiting
for you”. He was shocked. He could not even notice the hand that Ferit had extended to be shaken. His hand kept on hanging in the air, unresponded.  As Ferit was about to take his hand back, Kamal came out from the initial shock, and shook the hand. Ferit`s face had by then starting changing color. The visitor’s initial behavior appeared queer. “Let`s see how the whole episode unfolds,” Ferit tried to gain his calm back. Deniz had perhaps made him overenthusiastic. He returned back to the world of reality. The visitor was standing in the middle of the room, somewhat bewildered, somewhat confused.
“You appear tired, I think we should first have a cup of tea, and then we will discuss the situation,” Ferit appeared getting control of the situation. He turned towards the far end of his studio, where the tea was ready. He liked tea, so these teapots are the undetachable part of his studio. In the long alone nights, when he did

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