Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Kamal about him. But he, himself did not know where Ferit had gone.

He however did not know that last night till late hours, Ferit was with Feriha, explaining her all events as they took place, from Deniz to Mehmet, and from Kamal to Susanta, and also about the part that he had played so far, to keep their love alive, by using her laptop. He told her that he was very sorry for representing her on Debaggo.

Feriha had just taken her last cup of tea, and was still sitting on her wheel chair, when Ferid had arrived. She had covered most part of her body with a large shawl. Her both hands were resting over her thighs, under the shawl.

Ferit in the end pleaded her to visit the exhibition, even on her wheelchair, because in his opinion Kamal did love her from the inner core of his heart, and he would continue loving her even in her present condition.  He told her that he had not told Kamal about that, and he would be too pleased to find her there. Feriha agreed.

Ferit was too hopeful as his program of letting the two lovers meet each other, was entering into its final phase. He left Feriha`s house late that night..

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