Thursday, 18 August 2011



dragged all her dresses from the cupboard. Ironed and carefully hung, her favorite dresses were lying on the floor by her feet. But the pink dress was not there. She was running from room to room, fathoming the whole house, but of no avail. The pink dress had perhaps flown away…….evaporated.

“Don’t let him wait”. Her mind was not able to think anything else.
“What are you trying to do Applegreen”, a weak voice from her inside came. But her heart had overtaken control of all of her senses. Applegreen had already taken over the control of Feriha. She was simply Applegreen, trying to find her pink dress. “Feriha, come back to your senses”, her mind did not want to lose control to Applegreen. “Don’t be that serious for something on the net”, her mind reprimanded.

But her heart was no more listening to the voice of her mind. She had failed to realize the realities of the world of internet. Kamal, might be somebody, anybody, may be a girl. He might be anybody sitting over his pc just to kill time and enjoy. “No, he is not like that”, she cried. Her mind gave in to her seriousness and strong determination. She had announced her decision. Her brain succumbed.

“I must find that pink dress….he is waiting….its already late”, Applegreen had taken full control of Feriha. She restarted running through the rooms which she had already searched a bit earlier.

“Oh my God, why I had not thought of that earlier,” she screamed. Something flashed into her mind. Her flat was not too big. It was a small flat, but she was running as if she had to cover miles and miles to reach her destination,

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