Wednesday, 17 August 2011


song. “What is this language,” he had asked her one day. She told him that Tagalog is the language of Philippine, which she too did not know. A friend of hers from Philippine had sent that video to her, and she had put that on her profile page.

He continued going further. There were two more videos there. One was DOSTUM DOSTUM by SEVVAL SAM and the other was BEN SENI by SEVVAL SAM. She had told him that Sevval Sam was her favourite Turkish singer, and those two songs of her were her favourite. He had listened to those songs a couple of times, but he could not understand a word of it.

He kept on going down further, trying to find something that would help him finding her. So far he had not found any. There on the right column of the page, there was her Autograph book, carrying short comments and photographs of her so many friends.

He moved to the left hand side of the profile page. There were photos of her friends there….a long array of photos of her friends, from all corners of the world. He had been through all of them so many times, There was no sense in looking back at them, because of course these photographs would not provide him any information to help him achieving his goal. He continued, going through the left side of the page.

There were 25 photos in her section. He had seen all of them, so many times. Again he opened the album. 25 photos were there. Most of these were the photographs of parks and other natural beauty. She had put the names of each place under each photograph. Kamal

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