Thursday, 18 August 2011


from others. He was too sober, cool and soft in his approach towards her. He was very unlike the others that she had been experiencing on the net. There was something different in him, which she could not understand. Something in his messages had attracted him. Of course, not much time had passed. She needed time to understand him. But he was so direct and appeared so honest and cute. She could not stop herself exchanging messages with him uninterrupted till evening the day before. They had started understanding each other, by the end of the first day.

She did not reply to any of her friends that day, who kept on trying to approach her. She was busy with her new find. His name was Kamal, an artist from Karachi, Pakistan.

Feriha was the one remaining closed within herself. She was having psychological problems of hers. She was all alone. She did not have any social life outside her house.

Of late she had started facing problems within her nervous system; her doctors had advised her to come out of her closed life. They had advised her to be social, otherwise in their opinion; her psychological problems which had already started affecting her fingers, might spread over other parts of her body.  A couple of times she had felt part of her fingers becoming senseless and motionless.

She could not find herself ready to be social out of her house, but she did want to be so, to get rid of her medical problems. She did not want to die at an early age, on hospital bed. As a first serious step towards socializing she had recently purchased a laptop and had become member of DABEGGO, a site for finding friends.

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