Thursday, 18 August 2011


“I am marrying”, she announced. It was a bombshell. Howsoever, westernized they were, they were still carrying out some old cultural values of theirs, which they always liked. However, before the matter could go out of hand, her mother entered the scene, and took her away. Later on her mother coolly settled the whole delicacies of the sophisticated problem.

Every thing appeared settled within next few days. Her parents had agreed to marry her to Mehmet, the boy from eastern turkey…. the boy of her choice. Once again, like whole of her life, she had forced her parents to succumb to her pressure. She had once again succeeded in getting the toy of her choice.

But Mehmet was not a toy. He was a man of principles. He refused to accept the job offer made by her father . He refused to work in his office. He refused to settle in Bursa. He refused every offer. He wanted to continue as a waiter. He wanted to have his career in tourism after completing his studies. They could not do anything, when Deniz had agreed to all conditions of Mehmet.

The marriage ceremony was simple. There were not too many guests, as most of the relatives of Deniz were in Bursa. The close relatives of Deniz were present in the ceremony. But nobody came from the family of Mehmet. They did not agree to his decision of marrying a girl from outside the family. They had never thought of anything like that. His mother was having plans of marrying her son to the daughter of her sister. She felt insulted in the family when Mehmet married. The whole family boycotted the marriage ceremony.

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